Series Signature

Our story

The focus behind this collection is to create handbags that offer on the spot customization. The collections are designed beautifully and start off simplistic in colour options yet it can be customized, resulting in a one of a kind handbag that clients feel an emotional connection to as if they were part of the entire process in getting to the end result. This means more to clients than just the beauty they are after when shopping for a bag. It will be a sentimental, memorable and personalized journey that clients will go through when purchasing a Mazee handbag.

Our inspiration

Our late grandmother, Marie, whom we will remember in every aspect of our lives, inspires this collection. She was with us during the sampling phases when this collection was built and we want to honor that with these 3 bags. They are each named after her 3 names, Maria Sophia Johanna. She was a lady who always showed grace, class, joy, hope and love in everything she did. She was our ‘quality checker, our rock and one of our biggest fans. These bags represent that bond and the personal aspect of spoiling yourself or your loved one with a special flap to change your bag up for whenever the occasion arises. This range is about memories, sentiment and living life to the full.